Welcome to Jankiji College of Education (तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय)

Vision & Mission


Jankiji College of Education is now the prestigious centre for excellence reaching methodologies with emphasis on learning. The institute is committed to development of needful competence & efficiency among pupil-teachers and teacher- educators with the desire for lifelong learning, for reaching the unreached and to explore the unexplored. Strives for global recognition as highly prestigious Institution providing value based education.


To import and create innovative knowledge among learners.
To build core teaching competence and efficiencies in prospective learning.
To develop Skills for information is processing and long periodical learning.
To foster creativities and focus critical thinking.
To initiate and experiment innovation in teacher education.
To organize action research and applied research at grassroot level.
To maintain pace with information communication technology.
To cultivate human, social, cultural, intellectual, mental and physical as well as Spiritual, aesthetic and moral values.
To prepare our learners of B.Ed. and D.El.Ed classes to encounter and overcome to the forth global challenges in the modern society.