Welcome to Jankiji College of Education (तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय)

Principal Message

I extend a hearty welcome to you to the portals of Jankiji College of Education which is committed to creating a new environment in educational activity in this region. We are aware that the standards of education have been on a sharp decline for quite some time and an earnest effort is required to make our students and teachers globally compatible. Some physical facilities shall immensely help in achieving this goal.

It is gratifying to say that this well established institution is fully equipped with a language needed for psychological and emotional development of our students. We plan to impart standardized education so that teachers trained in this institution are second to none and are recognized globally as the best.

The socio-economic stress all around has eroded basis values of truth and honesty. We shall make and Endeavour to combine scholastic education with human values so that teachers trained by us can usher in a moral revolution in the society. We plan to have a broad spectrum of activities like seminars, group discussion, educational tours and quiz competitions to chasten the minds and intellect of our students. The aim is to strive for academic excellence through hard work, discipline and mental activity. We are going to have active placement cell in college. Our students may not have to run after job. Their all-round performance will attract employers, as we shall interact with them from time to time and invite them to size up our students while they are participating in our activities. You are going to be the members of an institution with a difference and I seek your cooperation in fulfilling our objectives of producing highly trained teachers globally suited. I welcome you once again.

Dr. Kusum kalra

M.A. (History)
M .Ed, M. Phil, Ph.D (Education)