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From The Desk of Gen. Secretary

According to Diogenes “The foundation of every state is the education of its youth Education is thus the most important constituent of good citizenship. Education should be tried to develop a rational, objective and modern outlook among the citizen for their own good as well as the good of the country. This can be done if the four problems faced by the system of education at present are rectified. These are:

Democratization of education.
Indiscipline among students.
A gradual fall in standards.
Mounting unemployment among the youth of the country

Of course it is possible to solve these problems through positive attitude and maintaining “ Guru-Shishya” parampra, as per Indian tradition. The Gita says, “what all did the you arrive in the world with which you are afraid of losing!” Hence we will love to drag the fear of loss out of our minds.

We should develop the tendency of admitting the reality so that we weave a perfect strategy for our future. The emphasis should be placed on education for citizenship on the basis as “Each one, Teach One” This will help to spread the requirement of good citizenship to the grassroots level.

The need of the hour is to reorganize our educational system. We must never feel fully contented for it is end of progress. It is the hurdle against the flow of life. If we dream a tiny success to be the apex of our life and if we remain contented our progress will come to an end, and we shall never advance from that level. After having won one goal, step ahead with full enthusiasm to hit the next.

May success lead you to soaring heights!

Dr. Parveen Garg
Gen. Secretary